DO’s And DON’T’s of Using Women’s Underwear

DO’s And DON’T’s of Using Women’s UnderwearExOfficio Womens Bikini, one of the best women's underwear

Below are some tips/hacks of using women’s undergarments and the common mistakes that people make. This information will help you not make the same mistakes because some of them are very embarrassing while some are dangerous because they can lead to infections.


  • Wear undergarment that fits perfectly to avoid bulges or folds when you layer tight-fitting garments on them. Don’t size down when you are shopping for the best underwear for women.
  • Wear breathable underwear that facilitates free circulation of air to prevent accumulation of sweat that results in bad odor.
  • Use a skin-friendly detergent to wash your underwear to avoid irritating your skin.
  • Change them daily and replace them after some time to prevent infections caused by bacteria due to dampness.
  • Ensure that the material of the underpants doesn’t stretch too much because such materials tend to lose shape and structure with time after a couple of times of hand washing.
  • Always air dry your undies to ensure that they are completely dry and then fold them neatly or hang them to make sure that they are not stuffy.
  • Soak your best women’s underwear once in a while in warm water and add a disinfectant to keep off bacteria that cause infections.


  • Don’t wear G-strings and thongs daily because they tend to transfer the colon bacterial to the vagina that causes vaginal and urinary infections.
  • Don’t go commando if there is a fabric that can cause friction on the vulva. Commando is recommended if you are wearing a dress or a skirt.
  • Don’t wear brightly colored or lace underwear under white, transparent or tight outfits because they tend to show too much.

Don’t be afraid to try out new types of best ladies’ undergarment. It is always advisable to get out of your comfort zone once in a while and explore different types of women’s underwear.

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